Experiential Marketing 

For my senior year at NYU, I worked as a production coordinator at the creative agency Invisible North. I helped built a variety of meaningful experiences that brought life to brands and special moments for guests. Clients included Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, LinkedIn and many more. Here’s a collection of my favorite projects that I worked on.

Entrance Moment to The Irishman Takeover on Grand Street
Shot by IN

Netflix: The Irishman Little Italy Takeover

To create buzz around Martin Scorsese’s largest motion picture to date, we transported Little Italy to 1975, the year Jimmy Hoffa went missing. For one weekend, everyone was asking the same question: Where is Hoffa? I had the privilege to manage a production team on-site, make sure everything was running smoothly while life, coordinate with many different team members, vendors, and partners, and oversee the budget. I even got to dress up as an actor!

Partnering with 11 local businesses, all guests had to is “Jimmy sent me” and they would be given a free trinket, whether that be a cannoli from the king of cannoli’s at Caffe Palermo, a mozzarella twist from the world-famous Di Palo’s, a slice of pizza from Manero’s, a mozzarella rice ball from America’s oldest cheese shop Alleva Dairy, a half a sandwich called “The Jimmy” from Parisi Bakery and Parm, a wine bottle from a local wine shop or a haircut and a shave from a local barbershop. I was called upon to lead the communication and relationships with our storefront partners

Images in order:

Custom Netflix-branded giveaways
Social asset 1: map and list of storefront partners
Social Asset 2: details of the event
Social Asset 3: what to say at each storefront
Alleva Dairy mozzerella ball
Lines out the door of Caffe Roma
Irishman-branded wine bottle
Custom-made newspapers called The Irishman Daily Irishman-branded packaging

All shot by IN
The stunt was entirely immersive. Branded telephone booths lined the sidewalk. Immersive actors, from paperboy to construction workers to photojournalists were scattered throughout the block. Branded true-to-period cars were parked along the street. Guests were invited to hop in and interrogated about Jimmy’s whereabouts. Missing posters, branded stickers, as well as a number to a tip line (the number really worked), were found throughout Little Italy. Custom bunting hung over the streets, storefronts were decorated with window decals and signage.

Images of the integrated event, including the custom telephone booths, paperboys and girls, the confessional cars, Hoffa election stickers that were scattered throughout the neighborhood, and newspaper boxes.  

By the end of the Takeover, we distributed 36,370 items to consumers, earned the attention of millions, landed coverage on several news outlets, and won an award for best experiential and design by Adage. But, by far the most rewarding takeaway was the impact we had on the community and guests. Local owners thanked us for allowing them to relive the magic of Little Italy once again. The smiles on guests’ faces as they interacted with the mix of in-world elements was a one-of-a-kind feeling. By the end, I was proud that I brought joy and something meaningful to people.

My responsibilties: oversaw relationships with vendors and our storefront partners, managed the activation budgets on-site, collaborated with a variety of disciplines (creatives, account teams, talent, technologists, producers), work on-site making sure everything was running smoothly, and dress up as in-word actor.

Amazon Prime Video: Museum of Modern Love

To celebreate the release of the Amazon Prime Original Series, Modern Love, we created an integrated experience called the Museum of Modern Love (MoML). Inspired by the New York Times column, we activated 9 UGC-driving moments to correspond to the 8 episode season 1. Each moment encouraged guests to explore themes and content from the series. 

The result was a museum-inspired expression of modern love. Museum stops dived into the highs and lows of the universal search for human connection and materialized the stories of the series through installations. Guests will experience shareable moments and first-of-a-kind exhibits including an aura portrait booth that will include a Living Proof hair styling station for touch-ups prior to the photo, a collaborative map of love, a creative confessional, a ‘growing’ family tree, and more.

The series red carpet premiere, map of the installations, entrance moments, and the mini activation touchpoints
All shot by IN

We tapped into the guest’s emotions and vulnerabilities. I’m grateful that I was able to allow others to leave their personal mark of love.

My responsibilities: coordinate with vendors, partners, and team members, set up the installations, communicate with clients, and work on-site to make sure the event and after-parties were operating smoothly.

Spotify: Stay Scary Costume Shop

Entrance Moment

The Spotify Stay Scary Costume Shop, an immersive pop-up shop in SoHo featuring 12 different costume ideas that celebrate the iconic looks of artists, paid homage to Spotify’s Halloween playlist and artists that push the boundaries. Ahead of Halloween, the shop provided frees special-edition costumes for those that stumbled upon the store.

Images in order:

 Custom-made costumes that were given away
Interior Fabrication

Images 3-4: Billie’s Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown” crown giveaway adorned with spiders 
The Dare to Listen Wall

Trippie Redd Grillz
Britney Spears’s model snake from her iconic 2001 VMA performance

All shot by IN

The activation drew a huge crowd, generated extended reach through trade and consumer press outlets, including AdWeek and Billboard, and created a meaningful experience for others. I was thrilled to combine my love for music and meaingfil moments into a single experience.

My Resonsibilities: 
Collaborate with technologists, artists, and account managers, execute on-site duties, manage back-of-house, help out with client deliverables, and communicate assets to clients.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles