The Clumsy Witch

In Unity, I created a spookey scene depicting a witch’s home. Although there’s no sign of the witch, her clumsy spirit still roams cooking stew and at times… accidentally setting her fire alarm off. 

In the scene, there are three physical interactions with my virtual world, as well as a small amount of in-world scripting. 1) the spacebar controls the cauldrons bubbles. 2) the potentiometer activates the fumes of the cauldron. 3) the arrow keys control the direction of the dead witch’s hat, mimicking the dead witch’s spirit meandering around. 4) Once the spirit accidentally hits the stove, the stove is set on fire, activated by a push-button. 5) Once the flames from the stove rise high enough, the blinking red fire alarm is turned, controlled by my LDR.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles